INMAYA represents three funds in three countries: the United States, England and China.

In addition to financing, we can provide turnkey solutions for projects over 500 kWp in size.

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Since 2003, INMAYA has been working with around 30 partners worldwide to provide timely, cost-effective solutions in three key sectors:

- Photovoltaics

- Solar inverters

- Heat pumps

Since 2003, INMAYA has been the exclusive agent in France and Spain for  EFFEKTA et EURENER.

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Our areas of expertise:
  • Photovoltaics

  • Inverters

  • Heat pumps

A word from Myriam Lacombe

Over the next three years, electric bills in France are expected to increase by 55%. The reasons for this are threefold: the application of new safety regulations in the nuclear power industry, the implementation of large-scale transportation upgrades and steady growth in global consumption.


Renewable energies − as a supplement to nuclear power, not as a replacement − are the only answer to reducing electricity costs.


Unlike fossil fuels, renewable resources are inexhaustible and found everywhere in the world. Renewables such as solar and wind don’t emit CO2 or toxic pollutants. Examples of renewable energy technologies and electricity-saving solutions include solar PV, solar thermal, thermodynamic solar, biomass, LED and E boxe.


INMAYA provides the equipment you need at the best prices and delivery schedules.


We conduct inventory assessments and audits of large European businesses and help sell their surplus solar equipment to industry professionals, either directly, or via regular offers in our newsletter (read by more than 500,000 people in 2018).


With a solar power system, you can lower your electric bill by more than 40%. To make it easier to compare solutions, INMAYA introduced the Yomatec, Comwatt and Mylight home-automation comparison tool in 2013.


One of the first to know what’s happening in the industry, INMAYA is uniquely positioned to put buyers and sellers together.

SolarStratos: The first solar plane that will fly to the stratosphere is equipped with SunPower solar cells. 
SunPower leverages its deep technological expertise to deliver performance and peace of mind to consumers and electricity producers alike
Its panels come with a 20-year manufacturer’s warranty, subject to certain conditions.
Two ranges are available:​
SUNPOWER Maxeon for small projects
SUNPOWER Performance for large installations

SOLARWATT makes life easier for customers with its complete range of photovoltaic products.

It’s the only solar PV supplier to develop and produce all the components needed for a self-consumption system. Drawing on its extensive know-how, SOLARWATT offers high-quality, high-efficiency products that are made to last.

  • Vision: glass-glass photovoltaic modules with a unique 30-year warranty​

  • MyReserve: a fully modular solar battery

  • EnergyManager: a smart energy management system

Founded in 1997, Eurener is one of Europe’s oldest manufacturers of photovoltaic modules. It also has the best temperature coefficient, particularly in locations with moderate to high solar irradiance.


A key industry player, Eurener produces high-performance panels built to strict quality standards and covered by a 20-year warranty, subject to certain conditions.

Two ranges are available:

  • PEPV: polycrystalline modules, 60 and 72 cells, 180 to 340 Wp

  • MEPV: monocrystalline modules, 48 and 60 cells, 230 to 375 Wp


INMAYA supplies inverters for self-consumption systems and grid-connected installations.


We perform inventory audits of major brands in France and other European countries and also carry out risk assessments. Many businesses and large firms turn to us for our unique service offering.


On a regular basis, and at least once a week, we enable our customers to benefit from inventory clearance sales in Europe and elsewhere.


We compare the products of leading inverter manufacturers and continuously analyze supplier risks.


In partnership with EFFEKTA, whom we have represented for over seven years, INMAYA offers a broad selection of batteries and inverters for grid-connected and standalone applications.


Our portfolio also includes APS and Enphase microinverters.

We provide quality products at competitive prices by Huawei and SMA, another leading specialist in PV technology.


And we have special offers on Comwatt’s remote energy management system.


Every year many companies rely on our trusted solutions.

INMAYA regularly enhances its inventory with the best deals currently available. Please contact us to find out more.
Heat pumps


Applying the same approach to heat pumps as it does to solar panels and inverters, INMAYA compares brands to help companies and distributors choose products that fit their requirements. 

Our surveys benefit small brands as well. The results can be surprising. It’s not always the leading names that receive the highest marks.

At INMAYA we are dedicated to finding the right solution for all your needs.


From Atlantic and Airwell to Mitsubishi and Daikin, our diverse range of heat pumps offers something for everyone.

By assessing and comparing products, we are able to find what is best for you.
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